Parents Voice


Were there any concerns regarding KKIS enrollment?

No concerns, very easy and friendly staff.

The enrollment process was easy to follow and understand.


What was your main reason to choose KKIS?

It was recommended by a few families. My son really enjoyed the school visit and seemed to fit in.

I chose this school because my friends loved it.

We wanted our son to experience Japanese culture and learn some Japanese.

When visiting for the tour, everyone was very welcoming. Also very patient with all of the children, which trying to provide a great education.Learning was the top focus.

We liked the curriculum and options for the bus to Yokota.


What was your best experience/moment in KKIS?

We love the teachers. They’re wonderful the school is lucky to have the teachers. I am grateful how welcoming KKIS is. I feel that my child enjoys your school so much.

Seeing how happy my daughter was at the summer festival with music and doing her class dance.

There was not one experience. We like the fact that he is engaged mentally and physically. He enjoyed school and we can see that he is learning.

Seeing a very picky eater (my daughter), trying all kinds of foods at lunch, Festival performances, writing and reading (trying to)

Field trips such as Father day hiking. Dojo app is great, specially videos and pictures.

Festivals, seeing my kids in open school actually behaving and learning.

We love getting pictures and videos from the school during the day.

We really enjoyed the summer festival and how all the teachers were involved.

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