School Gallery

KKIS from outside.


KKIS Sign Board



The KKIS main entrance.
Please ring the bell any time for any assistance ♪


We have a lot of flowers in the campus ♪


KKIS Playground
Students love playing outside!


School Gym
Gym equipments are always waiting for playtime and P.E. Time.


A Climbing Wall / P.E. Equipment in the Gym


Basketball Goal ♪


Basketball and Soccer Ball ♪


Gymnasium Wall ♪


Instruments in the Music Room ♪


Piano in the Music Room ♪


School Hallway


Classroom Picture ♪


Classroom Picture ♪


Classroom Picture ♪


Washroom 1


Washroom 2


Cafeteria – School Chef will be ready for lunch everyday ♪


Sink in the Cafeteria

P.E. Equipment for Bouldering ♪


Aquarium in the Gym ♪


KKIS School Bus


KKIS Parking Space – Please use it any time ♪